Friday, 22 March 2013

Steptoe and Son

Lyric Hammersmith
20 March

Step to it son,
spinning your song
and dance upon
this cart heavy
with scrap; dreaming
beneath the moon,
a ticking clock,
an old, chipped plate.

Pour us a drink,
stay in and let
the world spin by
the two of us;
forget the girl
who glows in your
desperate dream
of her embrace.
Steptoe and Son runs at the Lyric until 6 April

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Little Sunshine, Little Rainfall

Tara Arts
9 March 

Quiet, the garden 
where the green-eyed frog watches
the moonlit pool,

until a red fox,
whirling his tail, stirring
the trees and breaking

branches, lands, light-pawed
and hungry, full of mischief,
asking for trouble.

Little Sunshine, Little Rainfall, by A Thousand Cranes
is on tour until 4 August

Thursday, 7 March 2013

De Gabay

National Theatre Wales
3 March

Take this: a book, a song.
Walk with it in the cold.
Follow the crowd,
a dancing woman
and a silver-tongued
young man, leading you
into Wales, Africa.
Pass through the barrier
into the past: history
in your feet
and on your tongue.
Your story. Your song.

De Gabay was performed in Butetown,
Cardiff, on 3 March 2013

This House

National Theatre
28 February

The moon-faced clock
above counts in
and out, as they,
cling to the edge.

Forward and back
they go, one man
one vote, alive
or hanging
by a thread;

until the pulse
of Westminster
is silenced,
and their breath
hangs in the balance.

This House runs at the National Theatre until 15 May