Monday, 30 June 2014

Adler and Gibb

Royal Court Theatre
24 June

You broke the locks
and forced your way into a world
where you are not wanted.

Deep in the woods,
a house that once was love
and now is nothing.

Leave us alone here, the house
we built, the little bird
we grew, like trees

that creep now on the kitchen floor,
all gone. The work torn up.
Nothing to steal anymore but scraps;

nothing is left of her
but memories of wild, woodsy love
and mouldered bones.

Adler and Gibb runs at the Royal Court until 5 July

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Union Theatre
7 June

She is old now, slowing down
and losing sight of things
like where the fine lines lie
between duty and friendship,
love and artifice; picking at holes
in what was motherhood,
and leaving tatters
where a queen once stood.

Lear runs at the Union Theatre until 28 June