Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Events (Edfringe)

Traverse Theatre
18 August

They pick mushrooms, 
walk on the coastal path
above the sea, talk,
sing, make love. All that
is in the past. Now they live
far apart, driven away 
with endless questioning,
with anger, and a boy
outcast, his mind a maze
that drove in darkness
to atrocity. 

The Events runs at The Traverse Theatre until 25 August

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dark Vanilla Jungle (Edfringe)

Pleasance Courtyard
17 August

So young, her dreams like fog
over her eyes; the world above
so high, but where she stands,
nothing but heartbreak and blood.

Dark Vanilla Jungle runs at Pleasance Courtyard until 26 August

Superhero Snail Boy (Edfringe)

Bedlam Theatre
19 August

The boy with superpowers cannot sleep,
throws plates and forcefields, throws caution
to the winds and dares at last to make a leap
for friendship, happiness and chocolate cake.

Superhero Snail Boy runs at Bedlam Theatre until 24 August

Kubrick3 (Edfringe)

Pleasance Courtyard
17 August

Crazy Conway, caught
insance, in love with fame, lies,
sex, mints, a new name.

Kubrick3 runs at Pleasance Courtyard as part of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe until 26 August

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Same Deep Water As Me

Donmar Warehouse
8 August

Swindling, swearing, sweat, 
a call to arms,
a trip to Greggs, 
an old, lost love
remembered and a host
of bloody new regrets.

The Same Deep Water As Me runs at the Donmar Warehouse until 28 September

Friday, 9 August 2013

Josephine and I

Bush Theatre
7 August

The dancing girl, 
dancing from street 
to stage, all skin 
and knees and teeth; 
till dollars turn 
to diamonds 
beneath her feet. 

Josephine and I runs at the Bush Theatre until 17 August

Monday, 5 August 2013


Shakespeare's Globe 
4 August

The trumpet sounds,
calling the heart
and stirring up the sense;
and stories flutter, bawdy
and bloody, glittering life
and bright with risk of death.

Gabriel runs at Shakespeare's Globe until 18 August