Thursday, 24 November 2016

City Love

CLF Arts Cafe
28 September

Hopeless they meet
and like all youngsters
let their first shy glances
turn to love;

oh but they trust too much,
too fast, and do not build
their walls up strong enough
to stop the first inevitable frost.

City Love ran at the CLF Arts Cafe, Peckham, from 9 - 28 September

Recording Hedda

New Diorama Theatre
28 September

They talk in circles,
their words waxing wild, confused,
clutching at beauty.

Recording Hedda ran from 11 - 28 September

Blue Stockings

Shakespeare's Globe
7 October

So on they go against the tide, quick as a man
and sharp, longing to run ahead
but forced to creep, to keep their heads
below the parapet and hopes quiet.
They know that plants grown in the dark
may soon still flower and fruit;
and where a man may learn
why must a woman sit at home and wait?

Blue Stockings ran at Shakespeare's Globe, 24 August - 11 October