Monday, 19 May 2014

Wolf Hall & Bring Up the Bodies

Aldwych Theatre
17 May

Katherine: face of an angel,
niece of an emperor,
hard as nails. She will not bend
like a sapling, though
she is dragged of her queenship
and left out to die like a dog.

Anne, dancing in yellow
on her grave: a virgin bride,
eye like a hawk, a mouth full of serpents.
Maybe a step too far, maybe a bed
or guilty door that leads her at last
to the headsman.

Jane, a dormouse creeping
into conversation: quiet, sweet,
with skin and will like thick, rich cream,
and on her cheek a blush
that is like nothing more than a pink rose,
thorns carefully plucked.
Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies run 
at the Aldwych Theatre until 6 September 2014

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