Saturday, 12 September 2015


Trafalgar Studios
11 September

by Pedro Miguel Rozo
translated by Simon Scardifeld

She put her savings
into earth, and now she fears
what is buried there.

by Bola Agbaje

The cocoa farmer
who does not know what they make
those bitter beans into.

Bread on the Table
by Lydia Adetunji

He bought a loaf, too small
to feed them all, but all 
he could afford.

Photo: ©Richard Davenport 2015

The Protectors
by Clare Bayley

These are potatoes
growing wild, all but forgotten,
fabled, forbidden.

Try Me
by Poppy Burton-Morgan
and Dominic Gerrard

He would scuttle
if he could
across your tongue,
the smooth-talking

Photo: ©Richard Davenport 2015

16 Pounds
by Neil LaBute

Water welling, spilling,
sliding down her gullet,
icy in her gaze.

by Inua Ellams

A woman, once a wife 
and mother, now alone;
stoical by her stove.

Mouthful, by Metta Theatre, is a collection 
of six short plays and a musical, responding 
to the global food crisis.

Mouthful runs at Trafalgar Studios until 3 October

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