Monday, 4 June 2012

Children’s Children

29 May

Here is a slick dissection of the way humanity can fail,
pushed to its brink and groping for a way to right itself.
Here are six creatures spurred by self-obsession,
lust, edacity, yearning for immortality

and the weight of substance.
They drink obsessively, talk endlessly
and endlessly flaunt themselves: their lives and bodies,
dreams, ideals, cash.

There’s no perfection here,
only veneer, façade, exquisite beauty - look at the set,
all well-stocked bars, glittering house,and a real swimming pool 
to dive into and swim, swim, swim away.

There’s not much love, for all their talk of it,
not much friendship or generosity;
and, in the end, not much comfort in plush houses
and sports cars, money and fame,

when it may disappear overnight.
Here is a funny, bitter lesson in the fear of loss,
fear of failure, and the inescapable solution
that things do not last.

Children's Children plays at the Almeida until 30 June 

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