Friday, 15 June 2012

The Suit

The Young Vic
13 June
Here is a story, simple, slow and strange,
that’s lifted from another time and place
and set down on a stage that holds it like a pearl,
glistening in a clam shell.

There’s no embellishment, only a row of chairs,
an orange blanket and an old clothes rail
to summon up the bubbling township
of Sophiatown. But here is a world

and in it love and heartbreak, jealousy
and tortuous humiliation. Here is an awful loss of heart
and understanding, too much silence,
too much tongue-biting. It is a bitter lesson,

hidden in a soaring song, behind the bars of table legs
and in the hollow arm-holes of a suit jacket;
not about love at all but sheer humanity,
communion, language and the power of speech.

The Suit plays at the Young Vic until 16 June

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