Wednesday, 4 July 2012


29 June
Noel Coward Theatre
And now I know the stage, the set, my seat
as well as my own house; each character a brother
and their voice familiar as a well-loved song.

Eight hours in and I have nestled down
into another world, unknown and yet only a step or soar away
through swimming pools and mansions,

highballs and rubies, love and the excited thought of love;
and here we fly on words, lyrical, dancing, 
peacock-bright and gorgeously bejewelled girls and men

who barely know what they are there for,
tinkering with their lives with such unearthly, trivial,
disastrous consequences. It is a joyous ride,

exotic, carefree, beautiful, and yet even the air is tainted
with the coming storm. You smell the tragedy
before it hits. Warm as a puppy. Breathless. Inevitable.

Gatz plays at the Noel Coward Theatre until 15 July

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