Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Knight Watch

Spa Fields
2 July

There is a cold, wet park in Clerkenwell,
one corner grey with concrete and metal,
blue and black graffiti, sandwiched between
the tennis courts and the rest of the city.

Not so inviting on a cold wet evening as a warm-lit bar
or glass of wine at home, safe on the other side of town,
but perfect for a tale of gang warfare and rain,
magic and music, friendship and flight; the perfect place

to listen to a poet’s smooth-tongued guile,
lilting flute and drum conjuring unknown worlds.
The language flows like lava, molten caramel
and rain drops dancing. It is exultant, pulling you in

to listen to a strange, bloody and blacked-eyed fairytale,
carried along on its own beat, conjuring music, 
bankers, city stench, love and sculpture, street fights, 
age old troubles and delights, 

and all closer to home at last than you might think
or wish.

Knight Watch played at Spa Fields as part of the Almeida Festival from 2-3 July; and plays at other locations throughout the summer.

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